Following My Wife’s Dreams, a Move to Brooklyn, NY

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Ben Peck
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A new chapter for me and family’s lives

This is a bit more of a personal post than anything. So for those that care this is for you. :) For those that don’t, I still love you.

An amazingly supportive partner

For a little context into my life…I’ve been married for almost 15 years now to my amazing wife Amber. I have 4 beautiful children and two big playful dogs. For these last 15 years my dear Amber has supported me in all my crazy ideas. Being a graphic designer (when it didn’t pay well and I sucked), trying to start my own design agency, figuring out if I loved design or development more, volunteering hours of my time to a non-profit (Product Hive), and starting a conference (FRONT) all while having a full-time job. She’s been there for me through all the ups and downs of all these. She’s amazing.

Our family at Jane’s Lagoon Day

A long fifteen years of education

Over these years she’s put her desires, goals and dreams aside and supported me and our kids in everything we wanted to do. She squeezed in her education when it was convienient for us and not her. She just graduated with her BFA in photography this year after starting her higher education over 15 years ago. She’s been so patient and willing to work her personal growth around me and our children. Its time I give more support to her.

Photo by Amber Peck in her “New Kid, Three Times” series

After graduating and now that our youngest daughter is in school full-time. Amber has a dream of making an impact with her photography and art. She cares about education and becoming the best she can. She wants to spend more time and focus on her phtography and art and I want to support it. So she decided she wanted to apply to do a masters degree. She applied to 10 schools across the country not knowing who would accept her since most of them accept 8–10 photo students into their MFA programs. She got accepted into 6 schools! She was overwhelmed with happiness that that many people saw the talent she only hoped they would see. Its very hard to put yourself out there to places and people that you hold in high respect. I’m so proud of her and all the work that she has done. Check out her work below.

Amber Peck - Works
A collection of photography and art produced by Amber Peck

Getting Accepted to Pratt and Moving to Brooklyn

After looking at all the schools, visiting each one and evaluating the programs, potential peers, professors and locations we decided that the Pratt Institute was the right option for us. This meant that we were deciding to move our big family to NYC. My wife and I were born and raised in Utah our entire lives with exception to me living in Venezula for two years. We love Utah. So the move to the Big Apple is both an exciting and terrifying adventure for both of us.

So much of what I’ve done here in Utah with Product Hive and the Front Conference has been central to Utah. So for me, leaving Utah is a very hard thing to do. A huge part of me doesn’t want to let go of Utah but a bigger part of me wants to see my wife succeed in her dreams. Although we’re leaving physically we will still be very much connected to the state of Utah.

With this move to NYC and to find a way to support my wife in this I needed to find a way to not only emotionally and physically support her but find the flexibility in my job as well. I took a hard look at the growth of Front over the last 4 years and have decided to focus my full attention to Front and Product Hive. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re chasing our dreams! Wish us luck.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my focus on Front go here.

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